What is it? Water bottle holder and dispenser

It seems our 2nd "What is it?" was more difficult, but not impossible, as someone guessed what the metal wire dealy was. We have tapwater coming from the faucets, but not even the local people will drink it. So we have to get bottled water. The cheapest way to do it is to have a company deliver the bottles to the house. We put empty bottles by the front gate in the morning (with money attached to them) and by the evening we have full bottles of water. It cost 22 Baht (about 60 cents) for each refill. To get the water out of the bottles, we use our water bottle holder and dispenser. It's a bit of a pain, and more than a little water has made it onto the floor, but at least we have clean water for drinking and coffee and cooking! We count that as a blessing.

090111 Kitchen

Hmm, that's different.

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