New preaching video

I just posted a new video of my preaching on the book of James:

James 1:1-4,12 from James Garriss on Vimeo.

Future pinecones

A shot of a pine tree in the spring:

110318 Pinecones

Future gumballs

Here's a shot of a gum tree in the spring:

110318 Future Gumballs

Cease to exist

"Whereas the Bible has affected our culture and language, it defines us as Christ followers. Take away the Bible and we cease to exist. It is both foundation and fuel of spiritual vitality for a Christian." (George Guthrie in "Read the Bible for Life")

Settlers of Cataan

We love to play games in our family, and Settlers is one of our oldest and most favorite games. This shot was taken while playing with our friends, Kevin and Jessica.

110317 Settlers of Cataan

This shot was taken with off-camera flash.

Sleeping baby

We went to our friend's house one evening, and their son, Mason, was fast asleep, so we tried to capture a dramatic shot with some off-camera lighting.

110317 Mason

Green Jello

For St Patrick's day, Ann made corned beef and cabbage, which is a family tradition. And she also made green jello!

110317 Green Jello

The only thing missing? Evil pineapple chunks.

Cherry Blossoms

In the parking lot in front of our house are several cherry trees which have the most beautiful flowers:

110317 Cherry Blossom

110317 Cherry Blossom

Bad hair day

Even Jezzy has bad hair days from time to time. I think Emmy forgot to put some ribbons in her hair on this day:

110315 Jezzy

Portrait of a friend

Here's a portrait of my friend, Kevin. The picture was taken for the staff page at our church, Open Door Baptist.

110314 Kevin

Geese in the yard

We had some geese in the front yard a couple days ago. As I stalked in to get a closer shot, one was always on guard and keeping an eye on me. Eventually, I got too close, and they took off.

110315 Geese

110315 Geese

A new outfit for Ann

Here's a picture of Ann in a new outfit:

110313 Ann's New Vest

Loves Wins. Or does it?

Here is an excellent review by Al Mohler of Rob Bell's new book, "Love Wins."

Portrait of a Friend

Here's a portrait of one of Jacen's friends, Abraham:

110311 Abraham

What is involved in biblical preaching?

"Preaching is truly biblical when (a) the Bible governs the content of the sermon and when (b) the function of the sermon is analogous to that of the text. In other words, preaching is biblical when it impacts a Bible-shaped word in a Bible-like way." (Leander Keck, quoted in Sydney Greidanus' "The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text")

Ants in the House

Ann looked at this picture and said one word: buffet.

110303 Ants

Where are you heading?

Photo for an upcoming promotional at church. Photo by yours truly; Photoshop magic by Kevin Jones.

Where Are You Heading

More of Jacen

Here's a couple more pictures of my son.

110202 Jacen

110202 Jacen


Here's a picture of Jacen down by Durant Lake

110202 Jacen

Homeschool Outside

When the weather turned warm, Ann took school outside. Gotta love homeschooling!

110228 Homeschool In Warm Weather

Poor Jezzy! She could only watch.

110228 Jezzy Watches Homeschool