Definition: Conundrum

Last week we made a rookie mistake: We left an empty cup of koolaid on the kitchen table. By morning: ants everywhere. They're these little bittie ants, the smallest ones I've ever seen. We had in 'em in the dining room, the living room, and the kids' bathroom. We weren't having any luck getting rid of them.

Not long after that, I spotted a gecko on the living room wall, a small gecko. It scampered away quickly, and I lost track of it. Until this morning. I was sweeping in the living room and suddenly I swept that gecko out into the middle of the room. It froze, so Jacen trapped it under a bowl. That's when we realized we hadn't seen any ants the last 2 or 3 days.

You see the connection? Geckos eat ants (and other bugs). So long as the gecko lives in the living room, no ants. But so long as the gecko lives in the living room, well, there's a gecko living (and pooping) in the living room. Hence the conundrum.

Ann, of course, solved the conundrum. She tossed the gecko out on its ear. I managed to get a picture of the little guy before she did. (The fuzzy stuff on its foot is dust, the reason I was sweeping in the first place.)

090118 Living room gecko

Sorry the picture isn't better. Once Ann buys me a nice macro lens...


Jonathan said...

He's kinda cute. I feel bad for the fella that he didn't get to hang around. I'd take some gecko poop over biting ants any day. But at least he did his job before he was exiled. Ran into any other interesting critters yet?

James Garriss said...

Just to clarify, the ants don't bite. They're just looking for food to eat.

We found a big centipede in the back yard once and mosquitoes are ubiquitous, but that's about all.