Photos: Swimming

Our condo complex has a small pool, and the weather has warmed up enough in the last couple of weeks to let us go swimming. It's often a challenge to find times when it's relatively free of other swimmers, but mid-day and later in the evening seem to work pretty well. It's a great way to play with the kids, get some exercise, and wear the kids out. :-)

Photos: Blackberries

We recently discovered a number of wild blackberry bushes growing not far from our condo. We've had family fun the last few days fighting thorns and tromping through mud to fill up little buckets with these tart berries. The reward, of course, is in the eating. One of the many wonderful things about Ann is her culinary talents. She has made 6 quarts of blackberry jelly, which we'll be enjoying for months. And let's not forget the blackberry cobbler. Yummy!

Cancel the Account

If you're looking for a good reason not to use AOL, here's a video of one as shown on NBC.