We had a nice Christmas with family this year. Christmas Eve was spent with our side; Christmas day with Eric's side. Ann and I bought each other some games (see the Ticket to Ride review below; others to follow). I also got a number of books (3 on evangelism, Adinirum Judson's biography, and 1 on leadership by MacArthur) and the final Lord of the Rings DVD. It was nice to spend time with family, especially since our opportunities to do this will be limited soon.

Live Nativity

Every year my father's church runs a live nativity scene just before Christmas. We took the kids over last week and played a small part. Can you find all four of us in this picture?

Bethel Baptist Church (Hampton, VA)

The Kristo

Here's a neat use of Flash technology to tell people who Jesus is. Take a look:

The Kristo

Ticket To Ride

We picked up a new board game called "Ticket To Ride." It's a train game where you lay down trains to complete tracks from one US city to another. It's a pretty easy game, involves a lot of luck, and moves quickly. Everyone who has played it has liked it. It's a good game for families and friends both.

Ticket To Ride review