Adultery Prevention

Allan Blume, Senior Pastor of Mount Vernon Baptist Church in Boone, NC, spoke in our church last Sunday about moral purity. He mentioned one study that caught my attention: someone surveyed 400-some Christian men who had committed adultery. They found that all had these four things in common: 1) they were not participating in an accountability group, 2) they were not have a regular time of Bible reading and prayer, 3) they were counseling women, and 4) and they thought something like this could never happen to them.

Hey guys, have you got all four of these areas covered?

2 Samuel 11


"On behalf of Southeastern's Faculty, I am happy to inform you that your application for admission has been approved..." Woohoo! I'm in.


No more training wheels

We were out taking a family walk last week when I saw a kid younger than Jacen riding a bike without training wheels. It was more than I could take. The next day I took the training wheels off of Jacen's bike and began to teach my boy how to ride a bike. After one session, I was pretty much certain I had made a colossal mistake. After five sessions, he was riding on his own. God gave me Jacen to teach me patience.