They say you don't miss something until it's gone. I think we've experienced that this weekend. The water main in front of our condo sprung a leak, which forced the city to turn off all the water to our building until it's fixed. You don't realize all the things you use water for until you have none: washing dishes, putting in contacts, cleaning the table, doing the laundry, taking a shower, brushing teeth, making mac-n-cheese, brewing coffee, rinsing hands after peeling a peach, and on and on. Hopefully they'll get it fixed soon.

Photo: Whistling

Last week Emmy figured out how to whistle. Needless to say, she goes about the house all day whistling. Even better, no doubt, is the fact that her older brother can't whistle right now--he's still missing his two front teeth.

Photos: Overlooking the Mississippi River

On our drive back from TX to NC, we stopped at the Mississippi Welcome Center on I-20. Overlooking the river was a cannon, or more accurately a 42-pound rifled gun from Civil War times (according to the nearby sign). For our kids, the more accurate word is "climbing apparatus."

Photos: Playground in TX

Kathy (Ann's sister-in-law) took the kids to an indoor playground in Longview, TX. They had converted an old grocery store into a huge version of one of those playgrounds you find at Chik-fil-A or MacDonalds. They had a blast swinging and climbing and running around.