My Thai House: The front yard

Ok, this should be the first of many posts about our new house. Since we're now in a new country, I've started a new Flickr site, where you can see pictures of our new house.

090107 Front of house


Jasen said...

Nice pics of the house. Looks like a clean little place. How many square feet (or is it square meters)?

How about some pics of the truck?

James Garriss said...

I'm not exactly sure how many square feet it is. I would guess somewhere between 1400 and 1600. But they measure such things from the outside of the building, not from the inside. The walls are kinda think and made with brick and cement, which is nice because it keeps things cool and dampens sound. I hear they don't use wood frames too much because of all the termites. It's really quite spacious. I'll be posting more pics in the coming days, including some of the truck. Hint: It's a Toyota.