Here are some recent photos of Jezzy, our Yorkie, who is now sporting a new summer haircut. The first photo (the best of the lot) was taken by Emmy. (This is also a nice tutorial on camera angles; the first shot is best because Emmy got down on the ground to take the shot from Jezzy's eye level.)

110806 Jezzy

110806 Jezzy

110806 Jezzy


Robots are cool. Swarming robots are better. So yes, I would like to buy some Kilobots, but I can't find where to get them! (And yes, you should watch all the videos on this page.)

Will trade email for phone

Recently we needed a couple new Gmail accounts. So we went to Google to create them, and that's when we discovered something interesting: Google won't give you an email account until you give them a phone number. Don't believe me? Take a look at this screen capture, a part of the account activation process that I could not get around:

New Gmail Account

Why computers shouldn't talk to themselves

At Cornell, they connected a couple of chat bots together and let them talk to each other. It's...disconcerting.

Skip the article, but watch the YouTube video in the middle of the article.

New iMac Ordered

I ordered a new iMac earlier today. Since the kids each need a computer for school, we needed another computer for Ann and I to use. We got the 27" iMac with the standard keyboard and magic trackpad. Can't wait!

Piggy Back Ride

A while back my sister and her family came to visit us. Here's a picture of Emmy giving Maddie a piggy back ride:

110715 Piggy back ride


I discovered a new web app today: Wordle. The basic idea is to give it some words, whether some text you paste in or a URL to a blog, and it dynamically creates words for you. Here's a couple examples based on our bios:

Garriss Bio Wordle

Garriss Bio Wordle


When we went to Ray Farms (near Bunn NC) we found a couple donkeys. They were curious and friendly and wanted to be petted.

110709 Donkey

110709 Donkey between the Fence

Hobbs on Sovereignty and Free Will

"The Bible does not try to harmonize God's sovereignty and man's free will with respect to his foreknowledge. It assumes them both to be true. This is a mystery to our finite minds but not to the infinite mind of an omniscient God."

Herschel Hobbs (Pastor FBC Oklahoma City, SBC President)

Baby Turkey

Check out this cute baby turkey wandering around in the grass. Bet he'll be yummy come November!

110709 Baby Turkey

Unknown Berries

Found this guys at Ray Farms. Can you ID these?

110709 Unknown Berry

Wireless Network Names

So, you'd like to mess with your neighbors, eh? Try this. Change the name of your wireless network to:

* FBI Surveillance LAN
* Virus Test Network
* Al Queda Cell 239

Baptist Faith and Message Resources

I'm planning to teach parts of the BFM 2000 at my church, so I thought I'd share some of the resources that I've found:

* Articles from some profs at Southern
* Some sermons from the Baptist College of Florida
* Some manuscripts from Dr. Akin

In addition, there's a book by Charles Kelley, Richard Land, and Al Mohler entitled The Baptist Faith and Message. Talk about some heavy hitters! I bought a copy at my local Lifeway for $8.

Biblical Inerrancy

I still affirm the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy. What a great document this is!

Genesis 4

I finished my study of the first section (toledoth) in the book of Genesis, which is the basis of the expositional storytelling that I am doing at our church. This morning I posted my notes from Genesis 4.

BFM - 1963 vs 2000

Ever wonder what the differences are between the 1963 and 2000 versions of the Baptist Faith and Message? While preparing to teach on the BFM 2000, I found this wonderful comparison.


Ray Farms not only has flowers, they have animals, too, including horses. Here's one curious fellow:

110709 Horse

110709 Curious Horse


About 4 weeks ago we went to visit Ray Farms near Bunn NC. They raise and sell beef, pork, chicken, veggies, eggs, and so on, so we went to check 'em out and buy a few things. Along the way I had fun taking a few pictures! Here are a couple shots of some of the zinnias they were growing.

110709 Zinnia

110709 Zinnias

Strange Finds

The last of the Farmer's Market photos: Here are two strange items we found. The first is a canary melon, which kinda tasted like a cross between a honeydew melon and lychee:

110708 Farmers Market

The second is an easter egg plant, which looks like a joke, but isn't.

110708 Farmers Market

Another flower

Here's yet another flower from the NC Farmer's Market:

110708 Farmers Market

Do you know what kind it is?