My Thai House: The Fridge

Thais don't cook at lot at home; it's generally cheaper to eat out than to cook in. We've heard that many Thai houses don't even have a kitchen. Our house does have a kitchen; in fact, the landlord knocked out a wall to make it even bigger. But many things in the kitchen are still smaller than we're used to. Case in point #1: the refrigerator.

090111 Kitchen

Notice of the cabinets above the fridge; yeah, I've banged my 6'1" head on them more than once.


phil said...

take out dinners look like a better deal all the time... and fewer dishes to clean too :-D

James Garriss said...

Yeah, we can eat out for around $4. That's $4 for *all* of us. It's not fancy, and it's not large portions, but it's sufficient.