MacArthur sermons now free!

I love good, expository preaching; it's the best kind of preaching by a long shot. When I'm studying a text, I love to download a sermon that a expository preacher has preached on the same text and listen to it. So when a great expositor indexes his library of sermons and makes this freely downloadable on the web, that's cause for shouting. John Piper's sermons are available at Desiring God. Danny Akin's sermons are available at SEBTS. And now John MacArthur's sermons are available at Grace to You!

Photos: Emmy's best friend

Emmy loves animals. It wouldn't surprise me one bit to see her grow up to be a vet or a biologist or a zoologist or whatever. Ann's folks have a border collie named Brandy, and she spends every minute possible hanging around her. Brandy is a blast. She fetches soccer balls, catches frisbees, attacks sprinklers, and other fun stuff.

081224 Brandy

Photos: Lawn mower

Like any boy, Jacen wants to drive. So Ann's father taught him how to drive the riding lawn mower and then turned him loose to mulch the leaves in the backyard and in the neighbor's yard. Jacen had a blast!

081219 Jacen Riding Mower

Photos: Family Pictures

It's been a while since we've had some good family pictures taken, so we asked a friend to take a few. This one with the yellow tree was my favorite. There are two others near a cypress tree.

081215 Family Picture

Photo Gallery

I've been working on my (limited) photography skills the last few months, so I decided to set up a gallery to display some of my better shots. Since I use iWeb for my website, I started by using the built-in gallery. It was lame. But a friend pointed me to SimpleViewer, so now I set it up to be my gallery. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Online Backup

I've written before about having an offsite backup plan. After reading an article in a magazine, I decided to give Mozy a try. I started by using the free version, which lets you automatically backup 2 GB of data online. It's not much space, but enough to backup my documents folder. I like that it encrypts the data, so that (allegedly) not even Mozy employees can read my data. This won't backup all my data, but it will at least protect the most important parts.

YouTube videos

What would it sound like if you could take everything a mother says in a 24 hour period of time and condense it down to 2 min and 55 seconds? It would sound like this. And the same for dads? Like this.