Life in Winston-Salem has finally started to take on a routine. The kids have started school; Ann is homeschooling them again this year. Jacen is in the 2nd grade, while Emmy is starting K-4. I'm working at Calvary on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, mostly doing sermon prep and critiquing but with a sprinkling of other ministries. The whole family travels together to Wake Forest on Thursdays and Fridays, so James and Ann can take classes. Yes, Ann's taking a class this semester, one designed to equip women who will be pastor's wives. We stay in the seminary's commuter housing, which works well. The remaining days are for family and study. So far, we really like being here in Winston-Salem. The church is treating us like royalty, and there is so much to learn and to do.


I found an excellent definition of humility. It's a quote from the "International Standard Bible Encyclopedia," which I read in Dr. Jim Berg's "Changed Into His Image:" "...the habitual frame of mind of a child of God is that of one who feels not only that he owes all his natural gifts, etc., to God, but that he has been the object of undeserved redeeming love, and who regards himself as being not his own, but God's in Christ. He cannot exalt himself, for he knows that he has nothing of himself. The humble mind is thus at the root of all other graces and virtues."


On Saturday Dad drove the rental truck for us to Winston-Salem. With help from some of the guys at Calvary we were unloaded in about two hours, and then we began the task of unpacking. So far we've gotten the kitchen and living room nearly done and the master bedroom started. We haven't even looked at the kids room, since we're not sure their furniture will fit. The church is graciously putting us up in a new condo, and it's really nice. It even has a pool. Here's a picture of the building:

Moving Week

This is moving week. The apartment is nearly all boxed up, the kids' beds are taken down, and a bunch of the furniture is stacked up in the living room. We've been eating all the remaining odds and ends of food (finished the last of the halibut today, Dad) and using paper plates and plastic utensils. We're nearly ready to go. We're going to miss our many friends here, but we're looking forward to the opportunities at Calvary. The second chapter in our ministry adventure draws to a close.