My Thai House: the front door

I've never had a front door like this, a three-part deal. They first part is the double, wooden doors, which both open wide and have these connectors at the bottom, which connect to the house to keep them open. The second part is a pair of screen doors. A/C is so expensive, so there are large, screened windows everywhere. It's nice this time of year. The third part is a set of nice curtains, which is where you get privacy when you want it.

090107 Front door

Hmm, now that's different.


Ashley said...

Looks like you are living the high life over there - very cool!

Jonathan said...

House looks great! We're so excited for you guys! I wish we could be there with you.

Alma said...

Wow! either thats a very good picture or your house is awsome.
Glad things are woking out so well for you. Sounds like your father is going before you.