What happens if...?

So I'm watching the final game of the World Series with my daughter and she asked, "what happens if the Steelers win?"


Today I'm working on extracting Schema.org information using the MicrodataJS jQuery plugin. Lack of documentation makes it slow going, but I'm getting there. The docs on this page are helpful.


We took a family trip to the Science Museum in downtown Raleigh a while back. It's a good place for a family to go and hang out for a while together. It's kinda dark inside and hard to take good pictures, but here's one that turned out well:

110805 Frog


Where did Halloween come from? Should Christians participate or not? Here's a great article from Grace To You that answers these questions well.

Fire Boat

I've seen plenty of fire trucks, but this was the first time (that I can recall) that I've seen a fire boat. It was near the Navy Pier in Chicago, IL.

110801 Fire Boat

Cupcake Truck

So we have ice cream trucks in America that drive through the neighborhoods selling ice cream to kids, but I think this one is a first. It's a guy selling fancy cupcakes out of a van just across the street from the Trump Towers in Chicago. I didn't ask how much, but they did not look cheap.

110801 Cupcake Van

The Panoramic Ball Camera

Ok, click on this link, go to the German website, and watch the short video (yes, it's in English). Then I dare you to tell me that you don't want one, too! I wonder how much they'll be.

The Anabaptists

Yesterday instead of expositing from the book of James, I took a break and taught a lesson from church history. I attempted to answer this question: What is the final authority of the church? And I answered it by looking at the Anabaptists, particularly Grabel, Manz, and Blaurock. You can find a write-up of my lesson on my tutorials page. My church history professor, Dr. Caner, would be proud.

Making your web apps secure

Hacking web applications is super easy; there are so many available vectors. Looking to make your app more secure? These documents will get you going in the right direction:

Protecting Your Web Apps: Two Big Mistakes and 12 Practical Tips to Avoid Them

Fundamental Practices for Secure Software Development

The Anabaptists

If you enjoy reading history, here's a good introductory article to the Anabaptists, the radical reformers that came from Zwingli's reformation in Zurich.

Cake Pops

Our church, Centerville Baptist, had homecoming this week. It was a special service with gospel singing and then dinner on the grounds. One of Ann's contributions to dinner was cake pops, a gooey cake center with hardened icing on the outside. Yummy! (And decretive.)

111002 Cake Pops

111002 Cake Pops

Portal 2 - On sale for $15

A midweek madness sale on Steam has Portal 2 for only $15. Yep, bought my copy!

AJAX with JQuery

If you've been wanting to add some AJAX to your site and thinking maybe JQuery could help, you're right! But there are multiple ways to make XHR requests within JQuery, and that's why this AJAX tutorial is very nice. It explains 5 different ways to do AJAX with JQuery.

JQuery for Beginners

Are you an absolute beginner when it comes to using JQuery in your web pages? If so, take a look at these nice video tutorials.


We went and watched the movie Courageous with several members of Centerville Baptist last night. If you're a father (or will be), it's a must-see movie.