Photos: From the birthday party with friends

We had Jacen and Emmy's friends over for some cake and ice cream. Check out more pictures from his 7th birthday party. And, yes, I am amazed that he's 7 already. It seems like it was just yesterday...

Inductive Bible Study

There are a number of good books on Inductive Bible Study (IBS) techniques. I read and studied a number of them last fall, and as a result I've begun creating a tutorial in PowerPoint on how to study the Bible. I've posted the first of 4 installments in my point papers section. Help yourself.

Photos of Jacen's 7th birthday

Ok, I'm trying something new. Instead of only posting 1 photo of an event, I'm going to try and post many. But I'm not going to post them directly here. I've created an account with Flickr, a website that allows you to share photos. This will allow me to post many photos. So here's my first try: Jacen's 7th birthday party. Let me know what you think, plz.

Christmas Pics

I'm behind in my blogging. Here are two more pictures from Christmas day of the kids playing with their toys. Jacen still loves Legos and Emmy has discovered Polly Pockets, a small doll figure.


We celebrated Christmas day at our condo here in Winston-Salem. It was a nice day of opening presents, attending church (no, ours didn't wimp out like many churches; in fact, it was packed), hanging out with family, and playing with presents. It's wonderful to be able to spend a holiday with family. Jacen's favorite gifts were the two remote control cars he got. Emmy's was her Polly Pockets mini-dolls. I'll tell you about our (Ann and I) gift later.

Marble Run Again

Dad stopped by the week before Christmas and spent a couple hours building marble runs with the kids. They got a second run for a Christmas and more marbles. If you're wondering, 200 marbles going down a 5 foot marble run is really, really noisy.