Christmas for Jezzy

Christmas came early this year to our family. One of the Jezzy's presents--yes, we give gifts to our dog; sad--was a Zhu-Zhu pet, a hamster. You press some buttons, and it will drive around and make noises. Jezzy was initially less than thrilled with this creature, but she eventually warmed up to it.

101210 Jezzy's Christmas Present


Last weekend we had some snow. It wasn't much, and it didn't last long, but it was certainly more snow than we ever saw in Thailand. The kids thought it was a perfect excuse to get out and play, and the dog went right with them.

101204 Snow

101204 Snow

Best Gingerbread House

Here was my favorite house, one of Ann's creations:

101202 Gingerbread House

Ginger Bread House

Decorating ginger bread houses is a family tradition in our house. Ann bought several kits, and she and kids got to work one evening recently.

101202 Gingerbread House

101202 Gingerbread House

Snake in the House

We came home recently to find a snake in our kitchen. It was just a little guy, a small earth snake, maybe 6 inches long. The irony is that we lived in a tropical country for 21 months and never even saw a snake, then we come back to America and within 5 weeks have one in the house:

101130 Snake in the House

This reminds of the last time we encountered an earth snake, back when we were in Richmond:

081030 Emmy and a snake

Jezzy chillaxes

What does a Yorkie dog do at the end of a long Thanksgiving Day? She chillaxes by watching the dog show!

101125 Jezzy Watches TV

We had a great time with family for Thanksgiving this year; Jezzy was a hit with the cousins, especially young Maddie.


We live near the entrance to Durant Park, so we occasionally take walks along the trails and around the lakes. Though not a very clear shot, here's one that highlights the beautiful colors of the leaves a couple weeks ago.

101119 Trees in Durant Park

Kiteflying on Wrightsville Beach

I bought a small kite a couple years ago at Kitty Hawk Kites and brought it with us to the beach. It flew pretty well, but the wind blew the kite so that it was right in the sun. That made for some pretty interesting facial expressions.

101112 Kiteflyer on Wrightsville Beach

Surfer at Wrightsville Beach

The waves weren't too high--it's the east coast after all--yet they were high enough to tempt some surfers on the day we went to Wrightsville Beach near Wilmington, NC. So I tried my hand at a few shots. I really could have used a 300 or 400mm lens.

101112 Surfer on Wrightsville Beach