I've been studying in Galatians recently. The results of my study for chapter one are available.

Decorating gingerbread cookies

The Nations

Did you know God has a plan for all the nations of the world? I've added a short point paper which traces God's plan through the Bible, from the Garden of Eden and the nation of Israel through the church and the end times. Take a look in the Point Paper section.


As you may or may not know, Ann has been making and selling homemade candles for several years. I've just put up a link to the candles she can make. Look on the menu in the "family" area.

Star Wars Cartoon

Our previous DVD player died last spring. Ann had bought me the cartoon version of Star Wars: Clone Wars for my birthday in June, but I had not been able to watch it. We finally replaced our DVD player this week, so Jacen and I watched it. Well done! I like the cartoon version as much as the real one.

Marble Run

We picked up a neat toy for our kids - a marble run set. It's a bunch of connectable pieces that build into a track for marbles to follow down. There are wheels to spin, bells to ring, and whirlpools to descend. I think the best games require kids to be creative, and this fits the bill. They keep coming back again and again to build new tracts. So far our tallest tract was nearly 5 feet tall.