Centerville Baptist

Here's a couple shots of the front of the church where I'm interiming:

110619 Centerville Baptist

110619 Centerville Baptist

The addition on the left side is only about a year old.

Pizza night at VBS

Here's a picture of a kid who was at VBS recently at Centerville Baptist:

110616 VBS

Spider: 1 Wasp: 0

Jacen discovered this little battle going on in the back yard. I think it's pretty obvious who won.

110616 Spider

Kid with a bucket

The best VBS activities involve water! And this kid is having some fun with a sponge in a bucketful of water:

110613 VBS

VBS Craft

Last week was VBS at Centerville Baptist. As you might expect, crafts were an integral part of the week's activities. Here's Emmy sporting a bracelet she made:

110613 VBS

Flower in my hanging basket

Here's a flower in the hanging basket on our front porch.

110611 Flower


Grilling is man's work. But Emmy's been wanting to learn, so one evening I taught her how to grill some ribs. She did a fine job.

110604 Emmy Grilling

New shirt

Jacen's sporting a brand new shirt and looking sharp.

110522 Jacen New Shirt

Interim Pastor

A few weeks ago I began serving as the interim pastor at Centerville Baptist Church on the other side of Louisburg. On Sunday mornings I've been teaching from the book of James, and on Wednesday evenings from Kevin DeYoung's Just Do Something. It's a wonderful privilege to serve God's people in this manner.

110522 Centerville Baptist

110522 Centerville Baptist

Assembling a grill

My father came to help us move, and what a great help he was! One of the many tasks he did was teaching Jacen how to assemble an gas grill. As we've grilled several delicious meals already, thank you, Dad.

110512 Assembling the Grill

In the beginning

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Gen 1:1)

This verse refutes:

Atheism - The view that there is no God.
Polytheism - The view that there are many gods.
Radical materialism - The view that matter is eternal.
Pantheism - The view that God and nature are one.
Naturalism - The view that there is no supernatural Designer/Creator.

("Paradise to Prison" by John Davis, p 42)