Greek Is Over

On Monday I took my final two exams: one was another vocabulary test and the other was translating five verses out of 1st John. They weren't too bad. Although Greek was hard, particularly the second semester, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I'll be taking a third semeseter of it this fall. Although I know enough to do some translating, I suspect there's still tons I don't know.

June Bug Kites

I took the kids up to the seminary today to make some june bug kites. What? You've never had a june bug kite before? Here's what you do. Catch a june bug, preferably a large one. I use a tennis racket to pin them down to the ground. Grab one of their hind legs with needle-nose pliers, then tie a piece of bright thread to the leg. When you let go, the june bug will fly all around, but can't get away. It's a june bug kite. It's a lot of fun for your kids.

Another Move

Yep, that's right. We're moving again. This time we're heading to Winston-Salem. I've been asked to participate in the first class of the Calvary School of Pastoral Leadership, and I've accepted. It's a two-year program where I'll be on staff at Calvary Baptist gaining ministry experience while still working on my M.Div at Southeastern. I'm estimating that it will slow me down by only 1 semester, which is good, and give me a lot of practical experience, which is really good. Our target date to be in Winston-Salem is the middle of August. Yes, that's in only 6 weeks.

Calvary School of Pastoral Leadership
Calvary Baptist Church


In my personal quiet time I have begun to translate 1 Corinthians from the Greek and then study and apply it. I've finished the first five verses of chapter two. You might find this to be a helpful resource.