Red Robin

A new Red Robin restaurant was built just south of our campus while we were interning in Winston-Salem, so we decided to give it a try last night. It's basically a fancy burger place, so Ann tried the Santa Fe burger and I had a guacamole and bacon burger. (For some reason we didn't understand, the kids wanted spaghetti.) The toppings were really good, but for $9, we were left with one question: "Where's the beef?!?" There was surprising very little meat, and what there was tasted like those pre-formed, mystery-meat patties instead of real ground beef. So when we want to go out for a really good burger, I think we'll go to Fuddruckers instead.

Driscoll's talk

If you're interested in hearing what Mark Driscoll had to say at the Convergent Conference at SEBTS, you can find the audio here.


On Saturday we had a first: we ate bison. Ann and I went out to Ted's Montana Grill and tried our first bison in the form of short ribs. A mild gamey taste and somewhat expensive, but thoroughly yummy. Definitely worth trying if you get a chance.

The Convergent Conference

I attended the first day of the Convergent Conference here at Southeastern. It's designed to understand what's going on the emerging church, both good and bad.

The best talk of the day was definitely Mark Driscoll. It was very helpful to hear him explain the sharp distinctions in theology between himself and guys like Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, and Doug Paget. If I had to summarize what he said: Driscoll believes the gospel; these other guys believe another gospel which is not the gospel (Gal 1:6-7).

The money quote belonged to Ed Stetzer: "Never preach a sermon that would not be true if Jesus has not died!" Those are words that every preacher and teacher should consider before standing before their people.