What is it? Not a magazine rack

Ann had a great idea while driving yesterday. (Yes, in fact, much to my surprise Ann *does* remember how to drive a stick, and she did quite well, even driving on the main highway near our house.) Instead of telling you everything we are experiencing here in sunny Thailand, we're going to occasionally let you guess.

We brought a couple boxes of books with us to Thailand, so when we began to look around our new house, we immediately wondered if there were any bookshelves. I quickly found this piece of furniture in the living room near the front door. I thought it was a small bookshelf, until I looked closer at the lower shelves. They are angled, reminding me of the magazine shelves at a library.

So, what is it? Leave your guesses, good, bad, or ugly, in the comments section. I'll wait a few days and then reveal the answer.

090110 Living Room

(To avoid some rabbit trails, the power cord you see behind it is neither connected nor related to the furniture.)


Jim Garriss said...

Looks like a shoe rack to us. Do we win a prize if we get it right?
Dad and Mary

Kevin said...

shoe rack

Ryan said...

We think it's a shoe rack too.

Jonathan said...

Well, I was going to say shoe rack, but everyone else took my guess. I'll just be different and say something off the wall and maybe I'll get it...
It's a bottle rack for milk runs. You leave it outside and the milkman places fresh bottles in it every morning. Leaving it on one side of the porch means you want cow's milk. The other side means goat's milk. If it is in front of the porch, it means Yak's milk.

There...now that's different.

Linda Shaw said...

Shoes was my guess before I pushed the comment button.