Photos: Gold and a soldier

The summer is wrapping up, and so is my work for MITRE and Calvary Baptist. Our family is taking advantage of this temporary lull to see the sights of central North Carolina. On Tues we went to the Reed Gold Mine, where gold was discovered in the state that led to the nation's first gold rush. On Wed we went Ft Dobbs, a small outpost built during the French and Indian War. Pictures of both are on our Flickr site.

New books

I've added 2 more books to my LibraryThing account. As my summer has slowed down and we prepare to move, I've enjoyed having a bit more time to read what I want to read. I've finished 8 books in the last month (ok, only 7, I didn't finish McCullough's John Adams), though most have been fairly short books.

Photos: Baseball on the 4th

We were trying to figure out the best place to see fireworks on the 4th when Ann saw an article on the Warthogs. The Warthogs are Winston-Salem's minor league baseball team, and they were showing fireworks after the game. So we bought some tickets online (about $10 a seat) and went to see the game. It was a lot of fun, especially since the Warthogs whooped-up on the opposing pitchers for 13 runs. The evening was cool, our seats were good (actually, there are no bad seats in this small stadium), and the fireworks were nice. What a great evening!

Photos: Houston, we have liftoff!

The soda bottle water rockets launched! Yesterday afternoon we went out to a nearby lot and fired over a dozen rockets. We primarily used the 1 pint Aquafina water bottles, and when filled about halfway with water, they would get at least 25 feet off the ground. Fun, fun, fun.