You don't take what?

I was back at Enterprise Baptist today, preaching for them. For lunch I went over to a restaurant called Grandpa's Kitchen and got a plate of yummy eastern Carolina BBQ. When I went to pay, I found to my shock that they don't take credit cards. Naturally, I didn't have any cash on me. To my pleasant surprise, the cashier trusted me to go and get the money and come back to pay. Fortunately the chairman of the deacons at Enterprise was gracious enough to loan me the money so I could pay. All things considered, it was a rather embarrassing afternoon. At least the food was good!

Commentary on James: Chapter 2

At long last I've finished my work on the book of James. I've translated the entire book and written commentary on every chapter. Of course, the work would really benefit from a good editor; at times it's quite uneven. Still, it's good stuff, and I'm reasonably happy with it. The five chapters come in at 183 pages, which is not too bad. Certainly more work could be done, but it's a good start, useful for Sunday school teachers and college/seminary students. Enjoy.

Photos: Chesnut Falls

080401 Near Galax VA
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We spent a couple days with friends near Galax VA. While there we went hiking and geo-caching. One stop was at a small waterfall called Chesnut Falls. More pictures on our Flickr account.

Mac and Cheese

We were with some friends this week, and during dinner Jacen complained that the mac and cheese tasted funny. We thought he was just be whiney, so we told him to keep eating. Later that evening we had coffee. Knowing that I'm a bit picky about my coffee creamer, Ann had brought some from home in a glass jar. When she got it out of the fridge, she was puzzled; half the creamer she brought was missing. Turns out that our friends thought it was milk and had used it to make the mac and cheese. Sorry, Jacen!