I have a 35 gallon fish tank at work. When we moved office buildings last fall, the fish didn't survive the move. I've been wanting for a while to try an African cichlid tank, so I'm working on that now. I've done quite a bit of reading online (how did we survive before Google and the internet?) and finally settled on two species: labidochromis caeruleus (aka yellow lab cichlid) and pseudotropheus socolofi (aka powder blue cichlid). Both are fairly small and non-aggressive, at least for cichlids. There are from Lake Malawi in Africa, and they like a lot of hiding places in the tank. While in DC this week, I picked up a couple synthetic stumps with lots of hidie-holes. Damages? $100 for the pair. Ouch. But it really fills up the tank and looks nice.


A few weeks ago we went to Karen and Eric's to chop down some small gumball trees. Dad orchestrated the whole thing, and Eric and I put in all the labor. :-) Despite a couple tense moments, everything worked out well.