Things I learned while reading the North Carolina Drivers' Handbook:

  • Reading a book can distract me while driving. 
  • Fresh air will not make me sober if I am intoxicated. 
  • Young drivers are less experienced than mature drivers. 
  • I should not drive over a fire hose. 
  • If a police officer pulls me over, I cannot ignore him and talk on my cell phone. 
  • I should not park my car in the entrance of a fire station. 
  • Interstates don't have stop signs. 
  • I should always drive with my window open to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. 
  • It is dangerous for oncoming traffic to drive in my lane. 
  • I should not stop in the middle of the interstate to read the signs.

Panorama of the Dean Dome

Earlier this week Jacen and I got a chance to see the Tar Heels cream Tennessee St in an early season basketball game. It's was Jacen's first game, and we had a lot of fun hanging out together. Here's a picture I took before the game in the Dean E. Smith Center:

Christmas Ornaments

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Which means on Friday you can start putting up Christmas decorations. (You're not one of those bad people who put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving is over, are you?) And that means a Christmas tree. And that means Christmas tree decorations. And here's a page that gives instructions on making Christmas decorations with Legos!

Commentary on James

I have finally finished my commentary on the book on James. You can freely download the entire commentary as a 170 page PDF file from my NT page. It includes my own translation, an introduction to the book, an outline, and my exposition of the text as well as homiletical outlines suitable for teaching. You can even import this file into Logos, though I have not added any reference milestones. BTW, I'm planning to try and self-publish the book, if you prefer paper.

Panorama of the Front Yard

Using Photosynth, an app for the iPhone, I took this panoramic picture of the front yard:

Video of our trip to Illinois

We took a family trip to Illinois last month to see my grandmother. Along the way we shot some video using my Canon 60D, which I combined in iMovie to create this video.