Book: Don't Make Me Count To Three

"Don't Make Me Count To Three" by Ginger Plowman takes the principles of "Shepherding a Child's Heart" and makes them even more accessible. She does a great job of helping parent's work on their children's hearts while employing Scripture and providing training. I like this book more than "Shepherding" and would probably use it in any class I teach on parenting children. I highly recommend this book, particularly for children 6-12 years old.

Photos: Playing at the playround

There's no place like a playground for taking pictures of kids, both young and old. After getting dinner and watching the train last Friday, we stopped by the playground near the seminary to play for a bit.

080724 Wake Forest Playground

Photos: On the Train Tracks

We went back up to Wake Forest for dinner on Friday night. Just as I took out the camera to take a few pictures, a train came through town. So I took some shots around the tracks.

080725 Railroad Tracks in Wake Forest

Photos: North Hills Mall

Ann had a gift card to Penny's, so we went down to North Hills Mall to do a little shopping. It's an outdoor mall with plenty of water fountains and a small area for the kids to run around. I took the camera along and got a few pictures of the family.

080712 North Hills Mall


Reading is good for you. And sometimes it gets you free tickets to a soccer game. Ann took the kids to our local library on Monday, and they were giving out tickets to the Carolina Railhawks, a local USL soccer club. So we drove Thursday night down near Cary NC and watched them play to a 2-2 tie. Not a bad game. Certainly a cozy little stadium. And the fireworks afterward weren't too bad.

On the fourth we went to Zebulon NC to watch the Carolina Mudcats, a double A team affiliated with the Florida Marlins, play a little baseball. It was a solid game, and the Cats crushed the opposition 6-0 on the strength of three homers. The fireworks after the game we even better. You can find more pictures on our Flickr site.

080704 Mudcats Baseball Game

Photos: Historic Oak View County Park

We took Monday off for another Garriss family day. We went to the Historic Oak View County Park on the east side of Raleigh, NC. It's a restored cotton farm, complete with cotton, goats, and a fruit orchard. We enjoyed learning about life a hundred years ago, but the most fun was had by Emmy as she fed the goats. Enjoy the pictures.

080631 Historic Oak View County Park

Commentary on Genesis: Chapters 48 and 49

Our church is writing our own curriculum for teaching in the ABF classes, and I was asked to help write a handful of the lessons. I've recently finished the last two, Genesis 48 and 49, and added them to the OT section of our family website. I realize my studies in Genesis are incomplete, but these were the texts I was given. Maybe some day I'll come back and fill in the gaps.