As you many remember, the kids got a trampoline for Christmas.  Yeah, you should expect to see a lot of trampoline pictures this year.  Anyhow.  Emmy's trying to learn how to do a front flip.  She's most of the way there.  Here's a couple pics of her trying:



Green Belt Testing (part 2)

A good deal of his testing was sparring against another student.  They both suited up with padding on their head, chest, hands, and feet, and then went to town attacking each other.


Jacen also had to break a board with his foot.


Green Belt Testing

Jacen began taking Tae Kwon Do lessons at our church over a year ago, and he's faithfully working on it.  In January he tested for his green belt, his 5th belt.  The first part of the testing is demonstrating his knowledge of various forms and techniques, series of punches, kicks, and blocks.  Some of these forms are done individually; others are done with another person.

120106 Green Belt Test

120106 Green Belt Test

120106 Green Belt Test

Anniversary Dinner

We have been married for nearly 19 years, so last night Ann and I went out to dinner to celebrate.  We ate at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Durham and had an amazing porterhouse prime rib steak, the best we've ever eaten.  (And at that price, it had better be the best!)




I'm proud of my son, Jacen, he's created up his own web site using WordPress on a local copy of MAMP.  Next week he'll load to our web host so you can see it.

Yummy Thai food -- cheap!

We found a new restaurant today that has real Thai food prepared by real Thai speakers! The food was delicious and the prices were very good (about $8 for lunch and $10 for dinner). We will definitely be going back!

You should try it. It's called Asian Saigon Bistro, and it's on S Main in Wake Forest between 98 and the Walmart.


I can't claim credit for creating it, but I like!

Remove After Impact

Jezzy tries (unsuccessfully) to remove a dart stuck to her head:


Brace For Impact


Don't Try Path

It's kinda like Facebook or Google+, but it's supposed to keep you interacting with actual friends, not 5 bazillion pseudo-friends/acquaintances/people-you-don't-really-care-that-much-about.  I had read some good things about it online, so I tried out the iOS app.  Now I'm sorry that I did.  They've been caught uploading everyone's address book.  Without the user's knowledge or permission.  They've admitted their practice and defended it.

  Path uploads your address book

So I've deleted the app and recommend that you not install it.

Lame Super Bowl Commercials

Am I the only one who thinks that the Super Bowl commercials were just lame this year?  I wonder if companies spent all their advertising money buying TV slots and didn't have any left to hire a decent ad agency.  The only one I liked was in the 3rd quarter!  It made me laugh out loud.

Know Your Opponent

One afternoon the kids decided to try their Nerf guns out on Jezzy.  She ran and jumped and barked, and she always keep an eye out on them!



Despite the chilly weather this time of year, the trampoline has been a hit.  Here's one of Emmy jumping.  (Check out those socks!)


Twilight White

Playing Killer Bunnies with our newest expansion set for Family Time!