Details, details, details

I consider myself to be reasonably organized person. We've been preparing for months to get ready to move overseas. We've had list after list of all the things we needed to do for this move. And yet, somehow, inexplicably, when it came down to the last week, we still had a million things to do. Actually, it was about 60 things to do, yet it sure feels like a million when the deadline of an airplane departure to Thailand is breathing down your neck. Get the van ready to sell. Buy a couple last minute birthday gifts for Jacen--we do arrive on the day of his birthday after all--and a belt for me. Send thank you notes. Call a friend. Pay off a bill. Get enough cash for the trip. Repack the bags one last time. And so on. Somehow we got done on time. Barely. I can't quite imagine doing this and being unorganized.

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