My Thai House: The Right Half of the Kitchen

Ok, you've already seen the living room and the dining room, so we're moving on to the kitchen. Many Thais don't have kitchens at all (remember, it's often cheaper to eat out than to cook in), and those that do either have small kitchens or (sometimes) outdoor kitchens. So in the grand scheme of things, we're blessed to have a fairly decent-sized kitchen. It's still small by our standards, but it works. Yes, the fridge and the stove are small. Yes, the cabinets are low, and I bang my head. Yes, the counters are way too short for me (they're even too short for Ann). But they are sufficient; in fact, they are more than sufficient. So we're grateful for what we do have.

The picture below is one-half of the kitchen. It has the fridge, the stove, and some counter space. The right door goes to the center of the house; the left to the outside. The funny part is the small sliding glass window, which heads into the dining room. I don't really know why it's there, except maybe to pass food to the table. I do know that one day I stood in the dining room, slid the window order, and hollered in to Ann that I wanted a hamburger and fries, and that did NOT work.

090111 Kitchen

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