The Grandparents' Dog

Ann's parents have a border collie named Brandy, and she loves to fetch. If you throw a ball, she will return it by kicking and headbutting it back to you. If you throw a frisbee or stuff animal, she will catch it in the air and bring it back. Fun dog!

101221 Brandy

I've blogged about Brandy before.

Rescuing Ambition

We tend to think that ambitions are bad, but they can be good. In his book "Rescuing Ambition," Dave Harvey encourages believers to redirect their ambitions from bringing glory to themselves to bringing glory to God and then be as ambitious as possible. Once he lays this foundation, he discusses how ambitions interact with faith, contentment, the local church, failure, risks, and other areas of the Christian life. This book has challenged my thinking in a number of areas, and I highly recommend it. In fact, I'll be teaching it in our local church over the coming 2 months.

Christmas for Kids

Jezzy got gifts, and so did our kids. Here are a couple shots. Jacen's still into Star Wars, so we got him the second season of Clone Wars. We missed the whole wearing-rubber-bands craze while in Thailand, but Emmy's catching up.

101210 Christmas Presents

101210 Christmas Presents