Studies in James

I'm continuing to study through the New Testament book of James and write curriculum for use in Sunday School. I've finished through chapter two.

Greek meets a homeschool schedule

I'm teaching my son Greek. Yep, a 7-year old is learning koine Greek. Not that we really much of a choice. If Ann or I knew Spanish or French or German, we'd teach him that. But the only language either of us knows at all is Greek, so that's what he gets. We began studying nouns this week, but I quickly realized Jacen didn't know what subjects, direct objects, and indirect objects are. That's a problem. He can't translate out of Greek into English if he doesn't know where to put the nouns. And that's where homeschooling is once again so cool. I simply went to Ann and asked that she shift his grammar schedule to start working on this. Between the two of us, he'll be translating the nouns in no time. Nice.

CueCard - flash card software

One of the "benefits" of going back to school is taking tests. Most classes at the master's level have just a midterm and a final. To help study for tests that are primarily short-answer, I wrote StudyMatch, which is a poor man's version of using flash cards. Last week a friend of mine pointed out a better piece of software called CueCard. It does everything my software does and then some. I recommend it.

Photos: Stone Mountain

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I added some photos of our trip to Stone Mountain State Park west of here in NC. We went back in August, but I was a bit slow posting the pics.


Ann and I were awoken at 5am this morning by a shaking bed. It startled us, but didn't really terrify us. Nothing was knocked off the walls or broken. It felt like a strong person shook our bed or a train drove by our building. Despite the fact that we've never felt an earthquake before, we knew that's what it was. The USGS agrees:

USGS details
USGS map