Music at the Sunday Night Market

The Sunday Night Market is always a bit noisy, in part due to the various "bands" and "musicians" playing along the way. Here's one guy, a drummer, who's part of a larger group.

100711 Drums in the Market

Food at the Sunday Night Market: Shawarma

One of the unexpected delights we found at the Sunday Night Market was a shawarma stall, as this is a middle eastern food, not Thai. For 50 baht ($1.50) you get a sandwich with a pita-like bread, chicken, lettuce, and various spicy sauces. Yummy!

100711 Swarma

You can read more on Wikipedia.


While at the resort for my birthday, I captured this little guy taking a rest from buzzing about:

100613 Dragonfly


While kidnapped, I made a couple new friends:

100609 Friends


So for my birthday last month Ann kidnapped me from the office and took me to a nice resort up in the mountains along the road to Samoeng. What a great time we had together!

100609 Resort

100609 Resort

100609 Resort

Sunday Night Market

The Sunday Night Market is one of our favorite places to go in Chiang Mai. It's a pleasant combination of shopping, food, and culture. Here's a few shots from our May visit (we go about once per month):

A man making hats from banana leaves (we saw the exact same thing in Jamaica a few years back):

105023 Sunday Night Market

A t-shirt with another bad attempt to translate something into English:

105023 Sunday Night Market

A hill tribe girl dancing:

105023 Sunday Night Market

100515 Treating the Ladies Right

For Em's birthday, the ladies went out to have some fun lady-style. First, they went to a fish spa. Yes, you can pay good money to put your feet in an aquarium and have algae-eaters chomp on your toes. (Not for me.) Second, they went to a beauty salon and got their hair washed and dried. Finally, they went to a different spa to get their nails done. They loved it!

100515 Ladies Day Out

Emilee's Birthday Party

Emilee turned 9 in May. Wow, is she growing up! She had a small birthday party with cake and ice cream with some of her friends.

100515 Emmy's Birthday Party

100515 Emmy's Birthday Party

100515 Emmy's Birthday Party

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Here's a couple ordinary, everyday shots from our city. The first is driving on the road to Hang Dong. It's the main road we take between our neighborhood, which is on the outskirts of town, into the "downtown" part of Chiang Mai. We drive this road all the time.

100515 The Road to Hang Dong

The second is a shot of market day at the little market in our neighborhood. The primary feature is the ton of mopeds, the main mode of transportation for most people in Chiang Mai. Notice the little stand with the logo of the yellow chicken? That's where we buy 5-star chicken, which is kinda, sorta like rotisserie chicken, and sticky rice, a favorite meal.

100515 Market Day

Learning English, Maybe

This little Thai boy doesn't look so sure about learning his ABC's. He's a first or second grader in a Thai school out in a village who is just starting to learn English, and from a foreigner at that!

100629 Learning English, Maybe

The Wisdom Path

The Wisdom Path is a walkway near the Big Buddha with tall, upright logs carved with the Heart Sutra. This is a Buddhist text that gives the perfect wisdom of the Buddha. In short, it "proves" that there is no God and advocates that people can be changed by changing their environment while not being attached to it. You can read more here. Though we obviously didn't agree with the theology, the Wisdom Path made for a nice walk through Lantau Island.

100511 The Wisdom Path

100511 The Wisdom Path

This concludes our vacation in Hong Kong! We now return you to our regularly scheduled broadcast, life in Chiang Mai.