What is it? Stick + pan = cookies

In our "a stick and a pan" edition of "what it is?" both guessees guessed cotton candy, which is certainly what it looked like. But not so. Here's the sign above the booth to help you out:

090207 Flower Festival

The pricing is very interesting. To eat one cookie, you must first take five baths. No hints on how he verifies this requirement.

Now if you're wondering exactly how he makes his cookies, take a look at this picture. First he pours batter into the metal container. It has many small holes in the bottom, which he uses to pour the batter into the pan. Finally he uses a stick to roll it up, thus making the cookie.

We didn't actually try one of the cookies, so I'm can't make any statements on the strength of his claim to make the best cookies.


Kevin K said...

Awe come on, I would have tried them. We have found some really good sweet stuff here the Thai definitely know sweets, HAHA.

James Garriss said...

Yeah, we should have, esp for only 5 Baht. But it was hot and in the middle of the day, so warm cookies didn't really look all that appetizing right then.