Warorot Day Market

The Warorot Day Market here in Chiang Mai is less for tourists and more for Thai people to buy things. In this part of town, they sell a little bit of everything, from flowers to food to kitchen/cooking supplies to clothes to materials to fresh meat to seafood to whatever you want. To an American who is used to getting everything nicely prepackaged in cellophane, it was a wonderful explosion of sights, sounds, and smells.

090221 Warorot Day Market

Finding our way around was a bit challenging, but the Nancy Chandler map of Chiang Mai, which Jacen is looking at here, was most helpful.

I'm not sure we'll shop here often--it's on the other side of town--but it's definitely a place to go when we need to buy something. Like the 4 bouquets of flowers I bought Ann for our anniversary; total cost: $3. :-)


Jonathan said...

I checked out the picture of Jacen looking at the map. I would like to thank him for representing the World-renowned Carolina Tar Heels at the market that day. Roy would be proud.

Michelle K said...

A wonderful explosion of sights, smells and sounds.....you hit the nail on the head with that one! When I'm hungry, I just go to the market, I quickly loose my appetite. It is a new weight loss plan I've developed.

James Garriss said...

Well, some parts were worse than others, but overall it wasn't bad. We bought coconut ice cream and some dried durian to eat.