Huay Umong Nature Trail

I had last Monday off, so we decided to go out and about. One of the maps that we have of Chiang Mai shows an area called the Huay Umong Nature Trail; that looked decent enough, so off we went. We only wind up in one dead-end alley before we found the entrance to the place. It appears to be a large nature park where animals are allowed to wander about, and people are forbidden to shoot them. No other rules or requirements that we could see.

In the end, it was probably the wrong time of year to go. It was hot and dusty and not much was in bloom. Undaunted, we wondered around on the trails, looking for the local wildlife. We saw cattle, deer, roosters, birds, and a few butterflies like this one:

090216 Nature walk

I think we'll come back and give this place another try during the rainy season, when everything is in full bloom and there's actually water in the waterfalls.

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