Chiang Mai Flower Festival

Someone told us that this weekend was the annual Chiang Mai Flower Festival. We weren't really sure what this meant, but we decided to head downtown and find out. It was one part parade, one part carnival, one part county fair, and one part festival. There were about a dozen floats made out of flowers, not unlike what you'd see at the Rose Parade in CA, if not quite as elaborate. The floats portrayed Thai themes and were covered in flowers. They were quite beautiful to look at. While we were there, the floats were simply parked in the middle of the road, allowing us to photograph them; we heard the actual parade was later that day.

090207 Flower festival

There were many vendors selling various products in booths on sides of the road and along the paths in the park. Foods, flowers, clothes, and toys for kids were especially numerous. I bought an orchid plant for $1 USD and a small version of this flower for less than a $1 USD. There were also some rides, the results of a flower-growing contest, and a stage where the Miss Flower Bloom Beauty Contest 2009 would be held (presumably later). There were lots of people there, locals and expats, and it was fun to walk about and see everything.

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