Driver's License

Ann and I got our Thai driver's licenses this week. Three steps in this process. First, we needed medical clearance. We went to the local hospital to be "checked out" by a doctor. My favorite part? He asked, "Do you have any vision or hearing problems?" Naturally, we said no. Second, we needed proof of residency, which we got at the immigration office. Third, we were tested at the DMV (or whatever the equivalent word is in Thai). Here was my favorite test. They had us sit in chairs with a mock gas petal and brake on the floor in front of us. When the little light went green, you stepped on the gas. When it turned red, you hit the brake. The device measured your reaction time. There were four of us being tested. I passed on my first attempt; Ann on her second. But one lady kept missing. Here's the best part: how many attempts you need didn't matter. If you missed, the lady said, "Too slow, try again." As far as I could tell, no one ever fails, they just get more attempts.

Anyhow, we got our driver's licenses, so we're good for one year.


phil said...

I'm nearly speechless... so, with testing like that, how has your experience in driving been? Is it a survival test or have the worst resorted to bicycles?

James Garriss said...

Driving here is quite the experience. There are mopeds everywhere (and fearless moped drivers). There are no traffic rules, only suggestions. They have no concept of look left, right, left; they just pull out in front of you and expect you not to hit them. I really have to pay attention while driving. But, it's also very relaxed. You want to be in the other lane? No problem, just pull over slowly and someone will let you in. It's different!

Ashley said...

I couldn't drive there, sounds scary.