So we were at the Chiang Mai flower festival last weekend. At one of the little booths, it looked like they were selling bugs to eat. So I sauntered over to take a lot and sure enough, those were bugs. I took a shot (not my sharpest ever), and then a guy who was standing in front of the booth (not behind it) said in clear English, "Delicious." Ah-ha! Someone who speaks a language I understand. "What are they?" I asked. He promptly picked up one of the bugs and held it up to my mouth, obviously expecting me to indiscriminatingly chow down. I politely declined by asking again, "What is it?" He simply smiled and kept holding the bug out to me. At this point I knew he was a poser who knew about as much English as I know Thai, so I smiled and walked away.

But if I had taken a bite, I'm sure it would have been...delicious.

090207 Flower festival

I can't really identify the bugs in the foreground, but I think those are grasshoppers in the upper right corner. Can you help me ID these guys?


Crystal said...

Ok, so in looking closely...I am guessing the longer and lighter ones are Bamboo worm insects (Non Pai), while the shorter and darker ones are wood worm insects (Non mai). The back row is harder to make out, but either grasshoppers or maybe crickets? Either way...I'm sure it's delicious :)

James Garriss said...

More info on Non Pai and Non Mai can be found on this page. I believe it was the Non Mai that I was offered.

Thanks for helping me ID these guys.

Jonathan said...

I definitely agree that those things are "Non-pie" and "Not-my"! But you would have certainly scored major cool points if you tried them...that's okay, I'd rather be less cool in this case, too.

Michelle K said...

We were told they were meal worms and silk worms. As delicious as they do look, we opted not to try them as well.

James Garriss said...

Glad to know I'm not the only chicken in this part of the world. ;-) My son might have tried them, if he had been with us; he's had frog legs and squirrel brains, after all. But not me.