Tad-Yoy Waterfall

Today is the Queen's birthday. Which means today is also Mother's Day. Which means today is also a holiday. So, having the day off, we decided to have a Grand Family Adventure. Ann looked at a map and found neat places to explore outside of Chiang Mai, so we filled the truck up with gas and took off into the mountains towards Somoeng. If you've ever driven in the mountains of West Virginia along the back roads (interstates don't count), then you know the kind of driving we did today.

As we drove we saw a sign that said there was a waterfall ahead. That sounded good, so we stopped and plunged into the jungle. We were immediately greeted by this forlorn sign.

090812 Tad-Yoy Waterfall

The less than totally well kept signed should have prepared for the condition of the pathway we would have to traverse upon. Jacen and I found some sticks to widen the path at times. But after a short walk and a climb down a few rocks we made it. The waterfall itself wasn't too big, but it was nice to admire for a few minutes.

We climbed back up, and I went to the top of the falls to see what was there. I found a tree with these strange-looking fruit. Anyone know what it is? Leave a comment with your best guess.

090812 Tad-Yoy Waterfall

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