Road Trip: Sri Sangwan Waterfall

So after our failure in finding the Mon Hin Lai waterfall, we set off to return home. Along the way we saw signs to a different national park, one with the Sri Sangwan waterfall. We decided to head that way and see what we could see. This waterfall was well-marked and easy to find. As it was part of a national park, there was fee to enter, and the fee for foreigners was 10 times that of nationals. Fortunately when I flashed my Thai driver's license, I got charged the nationals fee.

The waterfall itself was not that tall or amazing, but it was still nice.

090815 Sri Sangwan Waterfall

What was cool about this park was the way the designers have cleverly split the water so that it criss-crosses its way throughout the park. The result is a lush tropical garden that was fun to walk through. Some of the bamboo plants were staggering in their height. Overall we enjoyed this park, and we should probably return some day when we can walk through the rest of it.

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