Road Trip: Buatang Waterfall

We took off bright and early Saturday morning on a road trip. Our primary goal was to find the Mon Hin Lai waterfall, a 9-level, 100 meter tall set of falls, and along the way we hoped to find see several other sights as well. The area we drove to was about an hour north of town. Our first stop was the Mae Ngud Reservoir, which supplies water to Chiang Mai. It was a huge, earthen dam. Our second stop was the Buatong Waterfall which is fed by the nearby Ched See spring. The clear water goes down three levels over limestone rocks, which made for a great wading area for the kids. As it turned out, this was probably the highlight of our day.

090815 Buatang Waterfall

After a quick picnic lunch, we took off again.

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