Dinner in a...bag?

If you had told us a year ago that we would regularly be eating out of a bag, I don't think we would have believed you. Yet here we are. Want to hear a Thai person's perception of reality? Poor people eat out; only rich people eat at home. It's simply cheaper to eat out, so we eat out a lot and do takeout a most days a week. And take out means dinner in a bag. The dishes in the picture below are sweet-and-sour chicken and stir-fried veggies with chicken served over the ever-present white rice. There's a little too much MSG and oil in there to be healthy, but at least there's a variety of veggies. And both were delicious!

090804 Dinner in a Bag


Anonymous said...

wes and I saw an episode of Food Detectives where they disproved the harmfulness of msg! said it's just a theory, but b/c of that people get hyped up and notice bad side effects that they then contribute to msg. I wonder if you could find the episode online? :)
I think the food in the bag rocks!!

James Garriss said...

Amazing what's on YouTube. Neither of us had ever heard of Food Detectives before, but we'll give it a shot. Thanks for the heads up.