More than a gas station

We went to our usual gas station this afternoon, but no one would help.  In Thailand, gas stations are still full service.  Typically the attendants are johnny-on-the-spot, and we get great service.  But for whatever reason, not today; lots of attendants looked at us, but none helped.  We waited and waited and finally tentatively beeped the horn.  Well, that got their attention.  Someone came over and offered an explanation of why they couldn't help.  Of course it was in Thai, so I don't know what he said.  In any case, it was obvious no help was coming, so we simply left.

After dinner tonight we tried a different station.  Talk about service!  They directed us to the right spot--only certain pumps have diesel.  They politely informed us that for an extra 100 baht, I could get a free T-shirt,which we did.  (Thai sizes being what they are, well, at least Jacen can wear it.)   And they even gave us a free Thai lesson, correcting my pronunciation of the word for "hundred" (it's more like "loy" than "roy").

Yeah, we'll be going back.

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