Children 2; Geckos 0

Did you know that you can wear out a gecko? Seriously, it's possible to chase a gecko so much that it gets completely worn out and hardly moves any more. How do I know? Well, I have children who have turned gecko-chasing into a sport.

We have more ants in the living room. Despite an (un)healthy dose of Terro (thanks, Tom!), they have persisted over the weekend. Last night Ann heard a gecko squawking from the general vicinity of the ants (um, yes, geckos around here make noises that sound rather bird-like to me; I suspect they are taunting us), so off we went to find it. Sure enough we found it, and the kids chased it around until it finally ran out of steam. We picked him up and put him back by the ants.


Kevin said...

We were having ants in our bathroom and we heard to just sprinkle baby powder around where they are and where they might be coming from and it worked for us. I put the powder around a floor drain and around a window sill and on the counter where they were annoying us. It took about 24 to 36 hours but they are gone. I left the powder around the window and drain almost a month and no return of ants, YEAH.

James Garriss said...

That is a good idea, Kev. I did that in our living room when we first discovered ants. Unfortunately, it's a bit unsightly.

I discovered over the weekend that no one ever bothered to caulk around our front door frame; it's pretty much a wide open hole, and the ants have been taking advantage of this. No longer; I caulked the entire door frame last night.