Man with machete up a tree

I came out of my house this afternoon intent on finding my son and making sure he was alright. I got sidetracked. You see, there were these two couples who were busy pruning back the better part of two trees for our neighbor across the street. The trees were up into the power lines, so it was their task to prune them down to about 6 feet and haul off the mess.

To my amazement these guys climbed up into the tree in bare feet and whacked away at the tree with their machetes! What was even more amazing was that one guy was right in the midst of the power lines, moving them back and forth to keep from whacking them (and presumably frying himself).

090307 Chop down trees

What? You're worried about Jacen? Well, while I was busy watching and photographing, he came home on his own. :-)

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