The Sunday Night Market

There are several well-known markets in Chiang Mai. We visited the Night Bazaar and the Warorot Day Market shortly after arriving, and a couple days ago we finally got a chance to visit the Sunday Night Market. A friend showed us where to park, then we were off. If the Night Bazaar attracts foreigners, then the Sunday Night Market attracts locals; the vast majority of shoppers were Thai.

The Sunday Night Market is one long street, closed to traffic and stretching from the east side of the moat all the way to the west. The sidewalks are jammed with vendors and the road itself is full of shoppers.

A little bit of everything is for sale: clothes (Ann bought a skirt), paintings, wood work, jewelry, toys (Jacen got a slingshot), decorations, and more. Some of the more interesting items are the hand-crafted ones, such as these letter-holders:

090726 Sunday Night Market

Or these decorative containers of flowers hand-carved from soap:

090726 Sunday Night Market

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