Food at the Sunday Night Market

While we were at the Sunday Night Market, we ate dinner. It wasn't a sit-down-at-a-restaurant kind of meal, but more like a buy-it-from-a-street-vendor-and-eat-it-as-you-go dinner. We gave each of the kids 50 baht and let them buy what they wanted. Emmy started with ice cream, while Jacen started with noodles. They sold a little bit of everything here. Ann and I bought a chicken kabob, a pork sausage, a fried banana, a coke, a schwarma (Lebanese food in Chiang Mai, I swear!), fried spring rolls, a coke, and two ice creams, all for $4. Not bad.

090726 Sunday Night Market

Just in case you're wondering, these are eggs cooking in banana leaves over an open grill.

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