Soak and be soaked

Songkran is a water fight. We spent two hours driving around the moat--this ride would take about 5 minutes if there were no traffic--in a massive traffic jam. The whole time we were soaking others while being soaked. Well, at least the kids were being soaked. I confess I stayed in the cab of the truck. Someone had to take the pictures after all, right? Ahem, yes, well.

There were buckets and buckets of water being tossed. Teams of Songkran soakers gave and got. At time, the air itself seemed to be full of water. No one left the moat with even a stitch of dry clothing.

090413 Songkran

Songkran would never go over in America. Not that we wouldn't love a water fight, but we wouldn't do it right. Although my pictures don't do it justice, this was truly a gentle water fight. The Thais generally splashed a person once; in America we would get them a hundred times. They often splashed gently; we would rip their skin off with the force of our splashes. They smiled when they got someone and smiled when they were gotten; we would swear revenge and get them back worse than they got us. Songkran was fun to be in, but the attitude of the people made it fun to watch as well. In many ways, the Thai are very sweet people.

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