Video: James preaching

I've done lots of teaching over the years, both in the professional world and in churches, but I've not done much preaching.  I've preached bits of sermons in my preaching classes, but it was not until last year that I was asked to preach my first sermon, the parable of the shrewd manager from Luke 16.

Calvary was kind enough to video it and send me a DVD.  I decided it might be helpful to put the video on the internet.  So the last couple days I have learned how to rip a DVD, convert it to AVI, create movies with Movie Maker, and post the results to YouTube.  Unfortunately, because of YouTube's time limitations, I had to split the sermon into 4 parts.  And for some reason, the videos tend to get out of sync near the end; I don't know why.  But overall, it's pretty decent.

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