Web shopping: Books-a-million vs Wal-mart

For Christmas we a got a nice gift certificate to Books-a-million's website. So we selected 4 CD's of acapella hymns from Glad and Acappella. Total, it's going to take Books-a-million over 3 weeks to deliver them. In contrast, when I've ordered books and CD's from Wal-mart's website, it usually arrives within a week. Don't get me wrong, I love getting free CD's (thank you Scooter and Cricket!), but Wal-mart sure seems to figured out this whole efficiency thing a lot better.

Want to hear samples of the music we're getting? Try here:

Glad's The Acapella Project
Glad's Acapella Hymns

Acappella's Hymns for all the World
Acappella's Hymns for all the Ages

Hmmm, why does Glad spell acapella with 1 'p' and Acappella spell their name with 2?

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